Yuusha to Yobareta Nochi ni: Soshite Musou Otoko wa Kazoku wo Tsukuru

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Alternative Names: After being called a Hero - The unrivaled man starts a Family - / 勇者と呼ばれた後に ―そして無双男は家族を創る― / Yuusha to Yobareta Ato ni - Soshite Musou Otoko wa Kazoku wo Tsukuru
Status: OnGoing
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In a world where humans and demons clash — the one who decimated the Demon Lord’s army was a lone hero named Lloyd. Possessing power so immense that he was said by the Demon Lord to be near godlike, after the war, Lloyd was appointed by the king to be the lord of a remote territory and was sent far away. Furthermore, he was tasked with subduing the Emperor Dragon residing in that land, which he quickly defeated. However, the defeated dragon transformed into a beautiful woman and chose to become Lloyd’s companion!? This is the story of a man, hailed as the strongest, yet unable to recognize his own worth, finding a “family”.