Global Freeze: I Created An Apocalypse Shelter

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Alternative Names: Freezing the World: I Built a Doomsday Safehouse / The World Is Frozen: I Built a Doomsday Safe House / 全球冰封:我打造了末日安全屋
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Global Freeze: I Created A Apocalypse Shelter, where the world is plunged into an icy age, and 95% of humanity is wiped out! In his previous life, our hero Zhang Yi was tragically killed by the very people he helped, thanks to his kind heart.But fear not, for Zhang Yi has been reborn and now possesses the awesome power – space manipulation! He’s gone completely bonkers hoarding supplies for the icy apocalypse and is ready to rule the frozen wasteland! He vows to unleash a hundred times the pain on those who harmed him in the past!


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